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If you find all the tips and tricks on this site useful, perhaps you’d like to purchase my book – Travelling on a Shoestring. I wrote it with my good friend Mary-Anne Roche, who herself, has years of travel experience across every continent bar Antarctica (we’ll get there I promise!).

There’s everything from information on how to save on and the highlights and lowlights of different accommodations, places to get food, ways of getting around and ways of finding work. Here is a quick summary on whats covered 🙂

Accommodation – We cover hostels, AirBnb, Couchsurfing, Camping on the Road, and Squatting.

Food – Grocery shop tips, markets, hostel raiding, eating out and dumpster diving.

Getting Around – A full run down on all that is trains, planes, buses, ride sharing and hitch hiking. Includes detailed information on different types of tickets, best times to fly, how to hitch hike etc.

Finding work – Full of savvy tips on quirky ideas to make money on the road as well as more mainstream routes and how to find the best jobs quickly in the bigger industries. Also includes a list of excellent work abroad sites.

General information – The latest travel apps, scams and everything in between is included in this section! Technology in this world can be your best friend on the road 🙂


I personally guarantee you the tips in this book will save you loads more than its low-price cost. 5 years of travel experience can’t be wrong 😉

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For all other online stores please search for Travelling on a Shoestring on your country’s Amazon Kindle store 🙂

All the best and safe travels 🙂