Get a TEFL

Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog post… I’ve been very busy with a job I’ve picked up on my travels… that is… English Teaching! So I thought I should share some info on how I got into this… with no background in teaching whatsoever…

What is TEFL and TESL? Sounds like some kind of disorder :/ Well no it’s actually short for teaching english as a foreign language (or second language). Getting a TEFL is not hard, you can do an online course in 20 hours and you’ve got the qualification. A TEFL doesn’t actually mean that much technically… there are lots of accrediting bodies… many of which just have companies pay them to get accredited. But, what it is is a ticket. You’ve got a ticket to get a fun, generally well paid and fulfilling job while you travel. Once you’ve got that job its up to you whether you have enthusiasm and skills to keep it and like it. But I’ll say to you this. I like to think I’m fairly personable, that I can make people smile and make people interested. And yes I did OK in English at high school, but so did many other people. I’ll cut to the chase… it’s very achievable for a LOT of people to do this job.

If you find yourself in a country you really like and don’t want to do cafe or kitchn’bitchn or fruit pickn’ try score yourself an English teaching job. In countries where English is not the first language they’re desperate for native speakers. And you can go some incredible places! I’ve had friends take jobs in Korea and Kazakhstan and been offered jobs in crazy places like the middle of Siberia or Mongolia. Don’t just think the gigs are out in the sticks though I find myself now with regular work in the Austrian alps, other friends have been doing it for months in Spain and Italy. It’s a great way to fund yourself while travelling so if you’re planning a big trip with no set destinations, do yourself a favour and get a TEFL today 🙂

A word of warning with picking your TEFL course… Some cost a lot of money and promise experience etc etc., but once you’re in the industry you’re gonna get the experience anyway. Only a CELTA is truly recognised globally and consider getting this if you work in the field for a couple of years and find yourself loving the work. But in the short term, I really recommend just doing an online course, there’s some super cheap ones online, try groupon for deals. Good luck travellers! 🙂

Ps. Like always, if you liked this article you should check out my book! Since starting this blog only a handful have sold and I feel my experience and many who i’ve learned from experiences are being lost. 4.99US for a book that could save you thousands seems a small price to pay, what have you got to lose?

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