Bargain Flights

Ever thought you could fly from the UK to Australia and back for under 350 euros… well… you can! Companies commonly make errors when they release flight prices, which if you’re quick, you can take advantage of. There’s also last minute deals that airlines offer that get snapped up real quick.

So you ask… how can I beat the crowds to find these deals? I’m a busy person, I don’t have time to be continually trolling the net. Well, you’re in luck, I’m going to give away my favourite 3 sites for finding bargain flights so you can make use of them.

Now, a couple of things about these sites… the fares that come up are random! But that’s the joy of travelling! If an awesome opportunity comes up to go to Zanzibar or Senegal or Cuba, why not take it!?! The following sites are absolute gold:


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