Wait… Free food Sikh Temples?

So I found myself in Vancouver a couple of years ago surfing on a couch with half a dozen other couchsurfers spread across the big living room floor and in the spare room. I was staying at the ‘batcave’ a super cool place in central Van that took A LOT of surfers. Super cool group of girls and guys who rented the place.

One of them tipped off my travel companion Lander and me that there was a Sikh temple down the road that gave out free all you can eat dinners three times a week. Sikh food we thought, hmm, never had that, sounds great! A couple of hours later we stumbled out of the temple bellies stuffed with curry and rice and feeling very satisfied with ourselves J

It was quite an amusing entry we had though as we weren’t sure where abouts at the temple the free food kitchen actually was. This almost ended in terrible embarrassment as we were exceptionally close to walking into the main temple where a bunch of Sikh guys were playing a variety of instruments in the main hall. We thought better of interrupting them to ask where the free food was an continued in our search. Finally we found it downstairs, albeit we were two minutes late resulting in a fiery reception from the Sikh dude running the show. We had to cover our hair, a practice I was obviously not familiar with however I managed in my rushing to grab a used bandana which apparently was extremely unacceptable and resulted in the Sikh guy going a shade close to puce. He was seething and yelled at me to get back and switch. This whole commotion occurred in front of about 100 people already seated and quietly eating. It was a weird experience, compounded by the fact the Sikh guy was Scottish so the whole time he was berating me I was close to laughing at the fact this Scottish guy with his highland accent was garbed out in a full Sikh get up.

Anyway, post this minor fiasco my friend and I quickly grabbed seats, filled out plates with food and were very contented. As I sat and had the meal I obviously came to the conclusion that these type of places exist around the globe. Sure enough if you get on old uncle google you can find many such places around the world in any decent sized city.

I’ve eaten at Sri guru singh temple in London, Torontos Hare Krishna Temple, Peoples Potato Montreal, Mosque Kitchen Edinburgh (2 euros) just to name a few!

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