Wwoof Wwoof!

Working for Accommodation is a growing sensation as a way to travel around the world. There are numerous companies who offer this service with the big boys being Grassroots, Workaway, HelpX and Wwoofing. Most of them are fair with their workload with workers doing 20-30 hours per week. Usually you will get at least 2 full days off to explore the region with your co-workers or going solo.

In this blog post I’m just going to talk about Wwoofing, the one concerned more with organic farming. The others offer a broader range of volunteering opportunities. If you plan on sticking around in a remote part of countryside for a while then working on an organic farm could be for you.

Wwoofing is a great opportunity to learn new skill sets in an interesting and sustainable field of work. If you want to learn organic farming methods this is definitely the type of volunteer work you’d like to do. My wwoofing experiences has included working on horse ranches where I learnt to use a tractor and a chain saw, working on blueberry farms where I learnt how to most effectively compost and about companion planting. At another farm I was at, a sprout farm, I learnt about crop rotation and effective harvesting methods. Should I ever want to have my own organic garden I would bring significantly more success to the crops I’d grow there then had I never Wwoof’ed. Building fences and clearing forest is also extremely rewarding work as you get to see the results in front of you of your labour.

The best part of the Wwoofing that I had though, and what I feel I will always enjoy most, is the comradery with your co-workers. I worked with Austrians, Belgians, Germans, Japanese, English, Swiss, French and Scottish when I wwoofed… and I wwoofed in Canada! It attracts people from around the world who have a sustainable outlook on energy which, if you feel the same way, provides you with a network of people who share some of your interests. I found such people easy to make friends with and had the pleasure of using my free time away from the farm to go canoeing together, hiking up mountains and cycling to nearby waterfalls.

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Valemount, BC, Canada… A gorgeous part of the world I’d never have known about without wwoofing. The girl on my guy on my right I travelled with for 6 months between the two of them, all possible as a result of this awesome organisation 🙂

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