To Hitch or not to Hitch

That is the question… and to me it’s a pretty easy one. The answer is hitch!

So what is hitch hiking? Growing a shaggy mop of hair and sticking your thumb out on a highway? Well… not exactly.

Hitch Hiking, like most things in travel is not an exact science. Simply talking to someone at a bar about where they’re going and asking if you can go along for a ride when they leave tomorrow is hitching… and so is the more commonly thought of standing by the side of your road with your thumb out.

Now, why should you do it?

Its fun: Most people like to gamble or like a surprise… there is something thrilling about the unknown, and waiting by the side of the road not knowing where you’ll get to that night or anything about the person that picks you up is kind of exciting. I guarantee you’ll meet some interesting people too who will expand your horizons and have some cool stories for you. I’ve hitched with with missionaries, aid workers, a Kyrgyzstan egg farmer and in a high roller architects BMW sportscar to just name a few of the crazier rides.

Its free: Lets face it… this is a site for budget travel so I’m going to talk whats cheap… and this is cheaper than cheap! There is no way you can get around that’ll save you more than hitch hiking. Just be ready to spend a night in the middle of nowhere if you don’t quite make it where you’re trying to get too!

Its safe: When it comes down to it this is what first time hitchers worry about most. But if you’re scared of hitch hiking you should be scared of playing netball, tennis, dancing and definitely of rugby. You should be scared of going for a walk on a foot path or going partying in a city. Most people are good people going about their lives. Many have hitch hiked when they were young and when they see someone doing it they’ll want to help you. Plus many are just inquisitive to hear your stories as a traveller! Hitch hiking is a dying means of travel and it shouldn’t be. Don’t be scared of hitch hiking, get out there and do it!

If you want all the info you could need on how and where to hitch hike you can find it in my book 🙂


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