An old beginning – A year around the world for $10,000

So, my very first blog post! I should’ve done this a long time ago. I just found myself too caught up in travel itself that I never got around to doing it… I’m a bit of a technophone too :/

I feel one should always confront their problems though, so… I’m taking on technology… and its surprisingly easy… like many things are when you really give them a chance… take travel for example…

Why do we travel? Escape? Adventure? To open our horizons? Or perhaps as a fellow traveller once told me – simply to get cool photos to make our friends jealous.

Regardless of what the initial drive of travelling is, travel will change you. The sights you see, the things you hear, the actions you make will all shape the way you look at the world. There are views you’ll never hear in your own country, ways of doing things you’d never considered, and food, drink and people who bring ideas into your head that had never wandered in before. What are some things I have learned most to make your travel experiences the best they can be? Well… 2.5 years have taught me a thing or two…


Have an open mind

Are there really wrongs and rights? Or are there just prejudices that different cultures impress upon you? If you refuse to never consider someones opinion or to take an opportunity because it’s unknown you will limit your travelling experience. Talk to strangers and take any opportunity or new experience you can by both hands! Had I let myself be run by fear and preconceptions about people I’d have never had the chance to join or a Kyrgyzstan feast or learnt how to use a tractor or jumped into a van with half a dozen russians and drove through northern Scandinavia under the northern lights mid winter!


I’d have never have met my beautiful Helga if I’d not taken the opportunity to hitch a ride around Scandinavia with a super cool group of Russians…


Just say yes!

If you’re on the road for a long time you should go with the flow. If an opportunity comes up that sounds different, quirky or cool, just say yes! The novice traveller often feels they must keep to a strict itinerary. Londons been around a long time… it ain’t going anywhere! A chance to have lunch with a Kyrgyz family rather than rushing back to your host accommodation or a chance to work a month on a farm with a girl you just met aren’t as constant. If you’re still scared of saying Yes watch Yes man 😉


Say no to a lunch with these guys… you’d have to be crazy!


Don’t worry, it’ll work out!

Oh man I missed that 20 euro bus oh crap oh crap oh crap how will I possibly make it to Berlin tonight now? Does it really matter? If you rush through life you’ll never enjoy the moment. The number of times travelling I’ve thought things are going badly only to result in something amazing happening is halfway to infinite. Some things are just out of your  control, go with the flow and something cool will always come up 🙂 One time, my van broke down in the middle of nowhere, I managed to crawl it back to the mechanic I’d bought it from the only the day before. He refunded me but I lost the tax I’d paid to the government. I desperately needed to be in Jasper that night (at least I thought I did) so I rushed to the greyhound station to buy a ticket and paid through the teeth because I didn’t pay it online. Grumbling and sitting outside the bus station I glared into the distance cursing the mechanic when an old man approached me. Here we go I thought to myself. Sure enough he then proceeded to annoy me by persisting in trying to strike conversation with me when I clearly wasn’t interested. I continued to fret and be annoyed about my situation as the bus arrived late and was full to the brim with sweaty people…

That frustration achieved nothing… and I got to the town the next morning rather than that night… only to be greeted by the girl I was meeting wearing her radiant smile and her bubbly personality on show. What had I stressed for? Things worked out, they almost always do. Life goes up and down, appreciate the good times and know in the bad that the good will come again. With no bad times you’d never appreciate the good!


Be nice

Money will buy you things… but in a way it will never buy you as much as a real smile and a positive attitude. People will help you if you show that you are an outgoing and good person. It makes you likeable, and likeability in a lot of places is more important than cash and provides a far richer experience. Why? Because the person helping you wants you to enjoy yourself when they like you. Always. And… at the end of the day… whats not to be happy about it when you’re touring the world! Theres a million and one things you’re getting to see and do for the first time and more than that again that awaits 🙂


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